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Suzani Drum Lampshade - Blue

Suzani Drum Lampshade - Blue

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Elevate your indoor ambiance with Suzani Drum Lampshade, a sophisticated fusion of style and substance. Elevate your living spaces with the timeless elegance of this lampshade, featuring a pristine white fabric adorned with intricate floral embroidery. The delicate details of the embroidery create a captivating play of light and shadow, infusing your room with a subtle, yet enchanting ambiance. Perfect for adding a touch of refined charm to any space, this lampshade effortlessly complements various decor styles.

Whether placed in the bedroom, living room, or any cozy corner, the Suzani Drum Lampshade promises to be a chic focal point, casting a warm and inviting glow that transforms your room into a haven of style and sophistication. Illuminate your home with the allure of floral beauty and embrace the timeless appeal of the Suzani Drum Lampshade.

Colourway: Indigo, blue, grey on white
Measurement: 40cm x 25cm

Ruby star Lampshades , Lamp Bases , cushions are available for in-store pick up only.  so we will contact you and advise when your order is ready for collection.

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