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Salty Shadows Purple Sun Turkish Towel

Salty Shadows Purple Sun Turkish Towel

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Experience the luxury of our 100% cotton Jacquard weave Turkish towels, adorned with elegant knotted fringing.

These hand-loomed masterpieces, crafted in Turkey, offer unparalleled softness and exceptional absorbency while remaining incredibly lightweight.

Perfect for all your adventures—whether you're heading to the pool, creek, river, or ocean—these towels are designed to travel with ease. They’re even more stunning in person and are destined to become your ultimate summer essential.

The intricate Jacquard weave features a captivating pattern that reverses on the opposite side, adding a touch of sophistication to your towel collection.

Take-me-everywhere towels, weighing just 300g, are your go-to for any outing.

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