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Ruby Star Tapered Shade

Ruby Star Tapered Shade

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Introduce a burst of vibrant life into your space with the Ruby Star Tapered Shade! This lampshade brings a refreshing energy to any room, featuring a classic shape adorned with exquisite summer birds embroidered onto lush green velvet. The intricate details not only add visual charm but evoke the melodic essence of birdsong, creating a captivating atmosphere.

Elevate your decor with this enchanting piece that seamlessly blends classic style with nature-inspired beauty, infusing your space with both timeless elegance and the lively spirit of summer.

Dimensions (approximate)
30cm x 40cm x 30cm


Ruby star Lampshades , Lamp Bases , cushions are available for in-store pick up only.  so we will contact you and advise when your order is ready for collection.

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