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Murrays Beach Candles

Murrays Beach Candles

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About Murrays Beach Candles

At Murrays Beach Candle Co. each candle and diffuser is hand poured by Rebecca in her home studio in Lake Macquarie, NSW. She use only the finest 100% soy wax, high quality cotton pro wicks, vegan friendly fragrance oils and quality jars.

It is her privilege through this business to help support an orphanage in the south of India that she visits each year run by a wonderful organisation called ICMC - Indian Christian Mission Centre.

At the end of each month 10% of all profits made by Murrays Beach Candle Co. are directly donated to the orphanage. This means that when you buy from Murrays Beach Candle Co. you are not only buying a beautiful hand poured product, but you are also contributing towards making a real difference to the lives of hundreds of orphaned Indian children.

Murrays Beach collections are produced using techniques that respect the environment and support local communities.

Candle Care

Did you know that the first burn sets the burn memory for the lifespan of your candle?

This means that for your first burn it is essential that you let your candle burn for long enough that the entire surface is melted. You do this to prevent tunnelling occurring and your wick from drowning.

As a guide it could take 1 - 2 hours for the entire surface to melt on the first burn.

Always trim the wick before each burn to 5mm long.

500mg Candles  $59

With a burn time of approximately 70 - 80 hours this 100% soy wax candle in a 500ml amber jar with timber lid is a beautiful addition to any home.

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