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Hayel Silk Bomber-Style Shrug Jacket

Hayel Silk Bomber-Style Shrug Jacket

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Our limited edition Hayel Silk Bomber-Style Shrug Jacket is a true fusion of retro vintage and bohemian allure. This unique piece is crafted from 70% silk and is designed for the free-spirited souls who appreciate the art of fashion.

The jacket has a smocked cuff that adds an element of drama making it a standout piece. Embodying a retro vibe with its tropical floral and paisley print, this jacket pays homage to the fashion style of yesteryears while infusing a modern twist. 

As a testament to its exclusivity, this shrug jacket proudly bears the CAVE WOMAN label, symbolizing the uniqueness and indiviuality of the wearer. Each piece is part of limited edition collection, ensuring you own a truly one-of-a-kind fashion treasure.


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