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Elume Outdoor Citronella Candle - XX Large

Elume Outdoor Citronella Candle - XX Large

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Create a mosquito-free haven and set the mood with the Elume Outdoor Citronella Candle. Expertly crafted with a blend of essential oils, including tea tree, citronella, and lavender, these Australian-made outdoor candles not only repel mosquitoes but also create a warm and inviting ambiance.

Whether you're enjoying a picnic in the park or spending quality time at the beach, these candles offer peace of mind, allowing you to bond with your loved ones without the constant annoyance of mosquitos. Embrace the serenity and tranquility of outdoor gatherings with the Elume Outdoor Citronella Candle, wherever your adventures may take you.

NOTE: This chunky round pillar candle is XX large at 6″ x 5″ (15.24 cm x 12.7 cm).  It has an amazing burn time of 150 + hours! Designed with an extra large wick to withstand windy conditions and to maximize fragrance throw.


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