Sunset 2 Beach
Sunset 2 Beach
Sunset 2 Beach
Sunset 2 Beach

Sunset 2 Beach

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I made these to represent the Aussie beaches at Sunset, I've been going to my whole life while traveling and camping around Australia... walking towards the beach from the bush and dirt, through the green trees, onto the walking path, and onto the white sand beaches with the shells and towards the blue waters of the Australian beach

Gemstones from bottom up - Larimar / Blue Chalcedony / Moonstone / Natural shells / Sunstone / Aventurine - Green flecked shimmery glass bead

Larimar Gemstone:
  • Larimar is like a "pocket therapist"! 😃
  • Controls and helps cope with emotions
  • Helps communicate yourself to others
  • Calms the mind
  • Helps move past trauma
  • Helps to push towards resolution, relaxation, and evolution

Blue Chalcedony Gemstone:
  • Stone of peace and peacemaking
  • Encourages stillness and calm
  • Great gemstone for public speakers like Lawyers, politicians, good for counterarguments
  • Wearing around the neck helps overcome stage fright
  • For singers or actors hold against the lips or throat before heading on stage
  • Good for stressful trips involving children
  • Good for daily journeys to work
  • Restore your balance and make you feel stable(especially with fire-opal)
  • Grounding energies that will make sure you will not be swept away by the events that transpire in your life
  • Beam out peaceful and serene vibrations that will soothe you

Moonstone gemstone:

⚪️ stone for abundance, fertility, love, and renewal
⚪️ Supports inner strength and growth
⚪️ increases intuition and empathy
⚪️ Restores emotional balance and stability
⚪️ Facilitates fertility and childbirth
⚪️ Removes stress and selfishness
⚪️ aids in dreamwork
⚪️ enhances psychic abilities

Sunstone Gemstone:

🔅 promotes leadership abilities
🔅 inspires clear thinking, warmth, and strength to help stress
🔅 boosts vitality & longevity
🔅 attracts abundance
🔅 provides protection from evil spirits


💚 promotes harmonious relationships (paired with Labradorite the effects are stronger)
💚 calms the soul when you are troubled - brings inner peace through difficult times
💚 healing stone - helps ease headaches, joint pain, muscle cramps and colds etc
💚 A lucky stone


These babies need to be loved 💗 😍 Please keep away from water/dirt or anything that can stain them - over time they may change colour due to natural oxidation, please keep in a little bag separate from other jewellery.

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